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This unique service is only available to QISAN members.

There are many agent’s workshops available for agents and educational institutions to attend throughout the year but this is at a huge cost, sometimes between £2000-£3000. At these workshops you usually have the opportunity to meet and interview agents at 20 min intervals, but this is not enough time to assess their potential, ethics or their quality.

As an alternative, QISAN provides a referral service for all QISAN members.


For Educational Institutions

As an educational institution looking for high quality agents from particular countries, QISAN can introduce you to educational agents who have been fully accredited and referenced, thereby taking away any risk factor in the appointment of agents.

*QISAN can also assist by providing a letter of recommendation and negotiation of contract if required.

Educational Institutions Referral Request Form


For Educational Agents

As an educational agent you need to be sure that any student you send overseas to an english language school, boarding school, private college, government college or university gets a good deal. Educational institutions should respond quickly and efficiently to the students application, make sure good support services are available – including meet and greet, accommodation, student welfare etc. – and ensure that the student will receive a high quality education.

QISAN will only refer you to high quality institutions with a good past record in caring for international students.

*QISAN can also assist by providing a letter of recommendation and negotiation of contract if required.

Educational Agents Referral Request Form

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