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Olinda Portuguese Language School in Olinda offers accuracy in the instruction of Portuguese. We pride ourselves on giving our students an experience that exceeds their expectations. Our attention to the individual students needs is our paramount concern.  What sets us apart from other schools is the care we give to our students. Their well being and positive feedback is what motivates us. The owners of the school live on site, our students get the answer they want, when they want it.

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The Olinda Portuguese Language School is located in the city of Olinda.

Olinda is a city within a city. When coming from Recife , the 5th largest city in Brazil , you know exactly when you have arrived in Olinda because the landscape changes. Its colorful buildings and cobbled hilly streets combined with its vibrant atmosphere is immediately apparent. It truly is a city within a city.

We have comfortable climate-controlled classrooms, a reading room, a small auditorium with a 30-person capacity, an Internet room, a wireless zone, a break room, and a large kitchen for student use or for use during cultural classes on Brazilian cuisine. Besides this, we have free space where students can relax and get to know each other. We also have bikes for the students use, it is green and free.

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We offer regular courses in Portuguese Language Instruction for Foreigners in both group and private lessons, for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. For the best learning experience, the group courses are limited to a maximum of 6 people per class, and class meets Monday through Friday.

Private lessons are available for new or advanced students, and professionals who have a specific focus in either verbal or written communication, or in particular themes and vocabularies. Private lessons are perfect for people who have only a short time for language training. These classes also meet Monday through Friday.

Special Programs: Here at Olinda Portuguese Language School, we have courses that bring together Portuguese and music (special courses on percussion instruments), soccer, photography, walking and talking, medical program, water sports and volunteering. We also have for Germans the Bildungsurlaub Program. We also prepare the students for the CELPE-BRAS exam.

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Classes can be held in traditional classrooms, the auditorium, the kitchen (for Brazilian cuisine classes), or even outside of the school so that students have meaningful encounters with local customs and experiences. The focus of our program is on grammatically correct communication.

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Contact Us:

Web: olindaschool.com.br
Email: contact@olindaschool.com.br



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