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NBS is Passion for Excellence and you are part of it!!

We are a private Business School; governed by rules, laws and regulations themselves has international academic support. The core of our success is by the business reality that creates a global business vision.

The NBS is the challenge of personal and professional growth of each and every one of those involved in our programs; with social responsibility and Christian vision of life.

In order to foster a spirit of collaboration and entrepreneurship education, NBS has conducted academic cooperation agreements with various international institutions that seek to provide quality service and academic excellence.


Since our inception in the beginning of the year 2,008 in order to raise the quality of higher education in our country contribute to new trends in education, so that we equip ourselves with the right infrastructure and the specific selection of programs to teach. Believing in the wealth produced by human development it has been defined by the optimization of investment-outcome relationship in education, based on an application of the ratio between graduates and titles that have achieved managerial growth in their work areas. People that have developed in the different races we teach.

We based on the quality of education gathered extensive scientific literature with which we identify the strengths and weaknesses of our methodology, leading to constant improvement, research the significant differences in teaching and learning.


Have not been easy years beginning in the process of implementing criteria andragogy growth tangibilizar our teaching and learning in the process of accreditation for our students and graduates enjoy the benefits of it in support of its title upper level, where this leads us to the acceptance of responsibility by national and international companies. As clearly I express the work is double or perhaps triple as our graduates when found in how competitive it is to become the world enjoy the support of their efforts and thus limit the negative traits through the possibilities of the highest standards educational processes.


  • A business executive with strong knowledge
  • Able to compete internationally
  • With ethical values ​​and humans
  • To be a good citizen
  • Socially responsible and committed
  • A person of action
  • It is not our purpose “Prepare scholars or people traveling libraries but that action to be measured by the results obtained and not by the wealth of knowledge they possess.”
  • It seeks above all to prepare the participant to make decisions under uncertainty and limited periods of time. (Under pressure)
  • Most of our training cannot be taught the way of: Tips manifested in lectures, books, educational texts or bulky items.
  • We know it is impossible to collect in manuals and rule books and / or early responses to challenges or problems that day to day living companies.


Practices, group dynamics, case discussions, directed readings, audiovisual support and workshops on trade and international marketing, costs of imports and exports and international finance – interactive lectures, theoretical classes.

Attendance: Once a week. Within the academic program seminars and lectures by professors from universities graduates worldwide will develop.

NBS B-Learning: Spaces designed to reinforce learning in classrooms through online chats, forums, assignments and research based on social constructivism, among others.

Case method: The main objective of the NBS method is that students learn by themselves, independent thought processes. In the case method, Professor of NBS acts as a catalyst. The case studies and promotes an enabling environment discussion group: its aim is to guide the teaching-learning process.


Allows people with more than three years of professional experience to optimize their management skills and knowledge, working methods, leadership ability, and mentality to successfully solve the challenges of leadership in different areas, creating personal development for performance improvement in organizations.

It also has programs for people without experiences, who were guided, more widely studied a case of existing companies, developed by universities and business schools internationally recognized.

  • Bachelor Degrees
  • Master Degrees
  • Doctorate Degrees
  • Specialist & Experts


Accreditation & Memberships

  • European Council for Business Education – ECBE
  • Education Quality Accreditation Commission – EQAC
  • Accreditation Service for International Colleagues, Schools & Universities – ASIC
  • Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs – ACBSP
  • International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education – IACBE
  • Instituto Guatemalteco de Administradores de Empresas – IGAE
  • Centro Internacional de Casos Tecnologico de Monterrey – CIC
  • Universidad para la Cooperación Internacional – UCI
  • National University of Lugo – NUL
  • Bircham International University – BIU
  • Chea International Quality Group – CHEA

Do you have any question? Please contact us

  • Tel: +502 2506 1000
  • e-mail: info@nbs.es
  • Address: Roosevelt 22-43, Zona 11, Tikal Futura, Torre Luna, Nivel 10, Guatemala.
  • Website: www.nbs.es

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