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European School of Business & Management SE

The European School of Business & Management SE (“ESBM”) is an international school providing professional education in MBA, DBA, BBA and LLM programs. The institute builds on the years of experience of prestigious foreign universities and the Oxford teaching system with its roots in the British higher education system. Students will master a more effective communication and practical skills that they can use in development of their personal and professional career. An interesting aspect of the ESBM institution is above all the content of studies, combining modern taught topics with the possibility of compiling a study program consisting of subjects of your choice.

We are aware that studying is challenging, therefore we try to meet the needs of our students as much as possible. In the student section, learners can find study materials transmitted directly from the lecturers, and thus learn from home at any time according to their own time possibilities. The seminars take place at the weekends, which makes it an ideal way of combining work and education. ESBM lessons take place in an online form and are complemented by interactive teaching forms – mainly by seminars that take place 4 times during the entire study period. Furthermore, we organize additional professional workshops for our students, in which they can participate in beyond their studies. These workshops are led by our lecturers, who pass on their practical experience and knowledge in an interactive way and talk about interesting topics from management, finance, marketing, law, soft skills, and leadership.

ESBM offers its students many opportunities to consult questions and issues from practice with a highly professional team of lecturers in any required form – online, by phone or in person. At any time, students can turn to an experienced professional who are fully available to them. Another advantage of studying at ESBM is the possibility to start whenever throughout the year. There is no need to wait for the start of your desired study programs or to deal with problems connected to the opening of the required educational program. At ESBM, we guarantee to open each MBA, DBA, BBA or LLM study program, regardless of the number of applicants.

• Corporate Management
• Economics and Financial Management
• Investment Management
• Leadership and Soft Skills
• Inovation Management
• Sales Management
• Public Administration Management
• Health Management
• Executive Management
• Project Management
• Banking
• Insurance
• Sports Management
• Hospitality Management
• Marketing and Promotion Management
• Managerial Psychology
• International Management
• HR Management
• Andragogy and Education Management
• Educational Management

• DBA Soft Skills
• Executive DBA

• Soft Skills
• Marketing
• Personnel Management and Andragogy
• Project Management
• Management
• Business Management

• Corporate Law

Contact ESBM
Website: www.esbm.cz

Education Manager: Bc. Kateřina Hrstková
Phone: + 420 221 620 232
Mobile: + 420 603 836 740
Email: info@esbm.cz
Email: studium@esbm.cz

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