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DSC_0008Coast to Coast Group is a unique, dynamic and ground-breaking language organisation.  It comprises language schools in the South of England as well as educational trips to the Galapagos Islands, in partnership with the Charles Darwin Foundation.  Based in Belmont, Surrey, the language schools are fully residential, with an extremely good staff:student ratio of 1:3, and our caring yet adventurous ethos allows students to discover their passions in a friendly and encouraging environment.

Our aim is to foster internationalism amongst students, who learn about British culture from our native staff, whilst experiencing other cultures and customs, both in classes and through events such as ‘International Food Day’.  With at least 10 nationalities on each course, our school is truly international; a way of helping each student to appreciate the benefits of studying abroad, whilst making international friends for life.

Coast to Coast Group is unique in its approach to learning; we foster learning through source based materials, and give students a chance to discover their passions with sports every afternoon, and incredibly well-organised evening activities, such as Olympics, Fashion Show, Murder Mystery and more.  There are no ‘film nights’ which students could experience in their home country, but rather we use the opportunity to help students to engage and inspire each other, alongside our qualified-staff.

DSC_0375Although we have students attending from Europe, South America, Asia and Africa, we are looking to further links with agents to enhance our international courses, and to continue growing as one of the UK’s leading courses. At present, 80% of students attending our courses are recommended by previous students, of which 50% are returners from previous years.

With unique day trips, to London and Brighton, as well as horse riding and a top London theatre, there is never a dull moment on our courses!  With all-inclusive fees to include free tennis lessons, students are not required to pay for any extras.  We provide transfers from London Heathrow and Gatwick, accommodation in an exceptional boarding school, on-site catering from our wonderful chefs and top of the range sporting facilities.

Our students love the one-on-one meetings with senior staff, which ensure that each student is maximising their time with us on the courses and has set goals for the duration of the course.  We take pride in knowing each student personally by the end of their first day, and many students describe Coast to Coast as their “International Family”.


Academic and Pastoral Strengths

Coast to Coast Group is popular for students considering studying abroad long term, such as attending university in the UK or USA.  Living away from home brings rewards and challenges, and as education specialists we help students to trial living away from home through our courses.

DSC_0216 2

We are fully committed to providing an encouraging environment to study and learn in, and students have the freedom in lessons to fully engage in areas of English they struggle with through topics they are interested in.  Classes frequently host formal debates and presentations to senior staff, to aid students’ confidence, alongside dissecting English newspapers.

Coast to Coast Group language schools are held in Belmont Prep School, a school with outstanding classroom facilities.  Each classroom has a smart board, and an overhead projector to allow videos and interactive lessons to enhance learning.  Classes are kept small, with a maximum of 8 students per class.  There are also teaching assistants who float between classes, to help those struggling with a particular topic, or those excelling, to push them with extension work.  Significantly, each student is monitored to ensure they are maximising their time with us.


Coast to Coast Group also offers courses for blind and partially-sighted students to attend their courses.  Government funding can be obtained for students and Coast to Coast has links with a number of international governments to further education opportunities for visually impaired students.  We are the only International english courses offering partially-sighted students the opportunity to attend, and we are incredibly proud of the achievements our students have made since gaining confidence in our schools.



Our campus is a residential boarding school, which dates back to the 1800s.  Once a Victorian Mansion, it is now home to Belmont Prep Schol throughout the year, with Coast to Coast using the facilities during holiday periods. The school is of exceptional quality, and combines traditional English charm on the outside, with top of the range technology on the inside.

Coast to Coast has sole use of the campus during the courses, which has a heated outdoor pool, five tennis courts, netball courts, a new sports hall which holds a full sized basketball court.  We also have a volleyball court, football pitches and 65 acres of woodland for adventure activities. There is never a boring moment with us, and sports staff are always organising exciting games for the students.

The staff:student ratio of 1:3 ensures that our courses have a diverse range of staff with different skills.  Some are sporty, whilst other have passions for singing, music, dance and photography.  There is always someone for students to talk to if they need, and having never had any student leave our course through homesickness, we pride ourselves on our outstanding pastoral care.  Many students return to us once they are 18 years old as interns, to gain experience of working abroad in an environment they know, to gain invaluable CV credentials.


Student Life

Students sleep in bedrooms of 3-8 students.  Rooms are divided by sex and age, so that students of a similar age are put together.  We also have a House system (similar to that in Harry Potter) whereby students are assigned to a house for the entirety of their stay.  This promotes healthy team competition, as well as the feeling of belonging to a group very quickly.   Houses are divided by nationality, sex and age, to ensure they are evenly balanced and to encourage speaking English all the time.  It also prevents siblings spending all their time together.


Located in the heart of England, we are based in a beautiful area of the South Downs, about one hour from London, and one hour from Brighton.  This allows for trips to London and medieval cities.  Previous trips have included Brighton, Oxford, Windsor and Guildford.


Student Profile

Columbian Student, 17

Before the camp I was a bit nervous about not making friends and my english, but as soon as I arrived it was completely different to what I had expected.  I made an instant click with my roommates and all the people at the camp.  They are all so friendly, funny, warm and open to new people.  Each of them has a special talent and is unique, but everybody accepts who you are and the things you like, so there’s no need to pretend to be someone different – here you are free to be yourself.  The days here are very dynamic, you integrate with your friends all day long and have fun with them, there’s no way you can ever be bored.  One of the highlights of camp is that you get to know about other people’s cultures; it’s lovely because you forget about prejudices and you accept each person in every way.  During the days, you are constantly absorbing knowledge from others, whether from teachers or your friends, they are always willing to help you with any problems or doubts and they do it in the nicest possible way.


After the first week, you feel the difference in your english because you understand more and more what people say…I now have the confidence to talk to anyone without hesitating.  This course changed my life and my attitude towards people and culture.  You become more open-minded and that is something I feel extremely grateful for.  However, the negative is that the strangers from the first day have become your best friends, and you have to say goodbye, hoping you won’t forget them.  That’s the point of the course; to gain experiences and friendships that will last forever.


Getting in Touch

If you are interested in finding out more about Coast to Coast Group and its unique courses, please contact us below.

Caroline Drewett

Tel: +44 (0)7905 128075 (UK during the course)

Tel: +852 592 21187 (Hong Kong)

Email: info@coastschools.com

Web: www.coastschools.com


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