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International Education Fairs & Workshops

WEBA (World Educate Business Association) provide international fairs/workshops around the world for Agents and Students.

Since 1988 WEBA have hosted fairs in locations Worldwide such as London, Moscow, Beijing and many more. These events include regular international student recruitment fairs and WEBA agent workshops.  These provide excellent opportunities for colleges to recruit students, meet new agents and develop partnerships.

QISAN members may receive discounts for these events. Please contact us for further details

More information about WEBA events can be found here.


Contact Details

Richard Affolter
Direct contact: affolter.r@gmail.com
Phone + 41 91 751 58 21
Skype: weba.international

Leeds Beckett University

European University of Lefke

Malaysia University of Science and Technology

Sussex Coast College Hastings

University College Birmingham


University of Gloustershire