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Educational Representatives

  1. Demonstrate appropriate attributes and abilities to competently service the legitimate needs of international students.
    • Do nothing to support or encourage illegal actions.
  2. Maintain proper and high standards of professional conduct of business as an international education agent by actively upholding this code at all times.
    • Accurately represent areas of competence, education, training and experience.
    • Maintain the confidentiality and integrity of information about student and communications with students. Complying with data protection law and any policy of the adviser’s employing organization on confidentiality and record keeping. Ensure that information about any circumstances in which information may be disclosed without prior authorization is available to students.
    • Refrain from unjustified or unseemly criticism of other educational representatives or institutions and seek to resolve any conflict of advice directly with the party concerned in a professional manner.
  3. Establish appropriate resources and procedures needed to provide professional support services to international students and institutions.
    • In particular, keep themselves informed, as may be relevant to their areas of advice, of developments in statutory and case law, regulations, immigration rules and procedures, institutional policies and other codes.
  4. Be accountable to both institution and student clients.
    • Be aware of the difference between information, advice and counselling and be able to recommend qualified counselling assistance to students who may benefit from it.
    • Recognise the boundaries of their qualifications and competence, making appropriate referrals when situations fall outside them.
    • Actively seek to promote personal professional development and keep themselves informed of current developments in their fields.
  5. Provide student and institutions with information they need and not withhold relevant information.
    • Act in good faith and with fairness, consideration and objectivity.
    • Providing a representative voice regarding issues that are of importance to college programmes.
  6. Provide the range of services required by represented institutions to ensure co operative delivery of quality support to international students.
  7. Work with institutions and professional bodies as a provider quality education agent.
    • Supporting and promoting college education programmes.
    • Promoting and providing professional development.
    • Prompt / timely responses to communications.
  8. Not discriminate, or tolerate discrimination on the part of others, on the basis of ethnic or national origins, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability or age.
    • Be aware of, and show appropriate sensitivity to and respect for, other cultures and value systems.
  9. Act in the best interests of the student, while respecting institutional policies, statutory and legal requirements and the legitimate interests of sponsors.
    • Principally concerned with the personal, social, educational and career needs of the students.
  10. Educational representatives are required to advertise in an ethical manner by not engaging in false, misleading or damaging advertising.
  11. Educational representatives should continually monitor their effectiveness as professionals and take steps to improve when necessary.


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