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Studying overseas is a major step for both students and parents. Decisions will include which country to study in, which university/college(s) to apply to, which course(s) to pursue, and in many cases, which agent should be used.

QISAN is here to help students and parents with these decisions and do so at no cost to you. Our network of approved agents and institutions are ready to help you navigate through the process from initial application all the way through to graduation.

Simply fill out the short form below and we will pass your details on to relevant QISAN Agents and Institutions who are local to you or based within your preferred country of study. They will be able to offer you the best advice and service. All of our agents are committed to operating to the highest ethical standards so you can be confident that they won’t let you down.

Agents will be able to assist you with the completion of institution application forms, visa applications, interview preparations and any other support required.


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