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The University was established in 2003 along a traditional, time proven academic philosophy by experienced Professors and Clinicians with longstanding academic and professional expertise.
The University is licensed for all academic and professional degree fields from the Associate Degree to the Doctorate Degree (MD, PhD, and others). The University presently incorporates Colleges of Medicine, Graduate Studies, Arts and Sciences, Nursing, and the Arts, and the Evening College. The academic programs incorporate a solid foundation in the arts and sciences along with practical applications in all curricula.

The founding faculty at USAT believe that a solid grounding in the basic medical sciences is an absolute prerequisite for a successful medical career, and the innovative medical curriculum at USAT has recently been hailed as exactly that: it has been cited as the best designed medical curricula in North America, and readily provides the student with the necessary knowledge and preclinical skills to succeed in the clinical years and beyond. Moreover, the private, commercially uncluttered atmosphere of Montserrat, combined with one of most spectacular natural environments on the planet and the lowest crime rate of the Caribbean, creates the ideal environment to concentrate and learn while you begin your professional education in medicine or related medical, scientific or educational fields.

  • We believe in the pursuit of excellence in education, research, patient care, community service with integrity, ethical behavior and respect for all and everyone.
  • We value humanism and compassion for all people without distinction of age, race, sex, national origin, belief, or ethnicity.
  • We are committed to working cooperatively and collaboratively with our students, teachers, staff, and community who make invaluable contributions to our institution and the development of our mission and vision every single day of their lives.
  • In all respects of University life we will foster higher values such as sincerity, integrity, professionalism, honesty, collegiality, and the free expression and open minded exchange of ideas within the high standards that make this a vibrant and living institution.
  • We Believe in Lifelong learning, this is USAT.

Campus Locations

  • Olveston, Montserrat, Main Campus
  • Miami and Tampa, Florida
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Dallas, Texas
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Wheat Ridge/Denver, Colorado [Information, Admissions and Administration only]

Offered Curriculums

College of Medicine

Health Care Professional to MBBS/MD Degrees

  • Graduate Entry to MD
  • NP to MD
  • AP to MD
  • DC to MD
  • PA to MD
  • Medical Assistant to MD
  • DO to MD
  • DMD to MD
  • PharmD to MD
  • DPM to MD
  • PT to MD
  • MD+PhD Degrees, affiliated with USAT Graduate College and the Einstein Institute

Specialty Programs

  • NP to DNP
  • AP to OMD/DOM
  • PhD, Specialist in Medicine
  • ScD, Specialist in Experimental Medicine
  • PhD, Specialist in Experimental Medicine

College of Education

Graduate Degrees

  • MS
  • MSc
  • ScD
  • PhD
  • EdD
  • DpH
  • MpH
  • MeD

Undergraduate Degrees

  • BS
  • BSc
  • BED

The Einstein Institute

Biomedical Science

  • MS
  • PhD
  • MD

Biomedical Engineering

  • MS
  • PhD

R&D Management

  • MS
  • PhD

Engineering Systems Design

  • MS
  • PhD

Our Students Profile

U.S.A.T. students score among the highest of all International Medical Schools on the USMLE exams, historically with an overall pass rate at first attempt of well over 90% without a USMLE Prep course, and approaches 100 % when a USMLE prep course is layered atop the lecture materials.

  • Graduation Rate, College Of Medicine: 90%**
  • Graduation Rate, All Colleges: 95%**
  • Us Residency Selection Rate: 95%***

*2013 Data **Average 2009-2013 Class Years ***Average percent of qualified applicants selected thru ERAS/NRMP/Outside match since 2004. In 2008, 2013, 2014 match rate was 100% of those fully qualified as of 15 September of the respective year when applied.

Examinations Preparation

USAT is included in the International Medical Education Directory (the ‘IMED list’) in the USA. Accordingly, students and graduates of the University may apply for and sit for all components of the US Licensing Examinations (USMLE, Steps I, II, and III). USAT students and graduates qualify for and take the same examinations as graduates of traditional US Medical Schools, are graded using the same criterion, and may apply for the same Post Graduate Training opportunities as graduates of traditional US medical schools.

USAT has also been favorably reviewed by UNESCO and by the ISO 9001/2002 committee in Europe.

Some of our Examinations Rankings Include:

  • Graduates are qualified to make application for the USA Medical School Examination.
  • Graduates are qualified to make application to residency training programs in the USA & Abroad.
  • Pass Rate At First Attempt On Usmle Step I: 93%*
  • Pass Rate On Usmle Step II CK (First Attempt): 98%
  • Pass Rate On Usmle Step Ii CS (First Attempt) 99%*

*2013 Data **Average 2009-2013 Class Years ***Average percent of qualified applicants selected thru ERAS/NRMP/Outside match since 2004. In 2008, 2013, 2014 match rate was 100% of those fully qualified as of 15 September of the respective year when applied.


Contact U.S.A.T.

Call, Email or Visit Us. You can use this web form to also let us know any doubts or questions you may have about U.S.A.T.

Online: www.usat.edu

Online Form: www.usatedu.org/contact

Email: info@usatedu.org; admissions@usat.edu

Office Hours: From 09:00 to 4:30 Central Time

Phone: 866-590-9577 | 727-388-2687 | 664-491-5364 | 303-371-0252 [connecting all departments]

Mail:  Colorado Information Office,  USAT Admissions: 4288 Youngfield St, Wheat Ridge  Colorado,  80203



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