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Ubiquity University is expanding its offerings for students at a time of unprecedented crisis and opportunity. A range of problems in virtually every area of human and ecological concern challenge local, national and global systems.

Students worldwide need to be prepared. They have grown up digital. They require new mindsets, skill sets, and tool sets so they can navigate their future with confidence. They need to be empowered to develop the creative, collaborative, and global thinking capacities necessary to become change agents in their world. This is what Ubiquity is designed to inspire and provide.


Integral Learning

Ubiquity University is designed for the whole person. For us, creativity, not simply knowledge, is the key to the jobs of the future, and collaboration, not just competition, is the critical factor for workplace success. Our education emphasizes new thinking, honors student interiors as much as exteriors, and nurtures personal empowerment and social activism as much as academic excellence, all within an integral framework. Students learn to play the game and change the game.

An integral approach has inspired vocational/liberal arts partnerships with local institutions worldwide with dual degrees. Ubiquity accepts transfers from MOOCS, traditional and non-traditional education sources so that students can custom design their own learning pathways. Ubiquity accepts all course for credit from vocational schools into Ubiquity and then Ubiquity provides the 10 liberal arts Capstone courses, all packaged into certificates, for a final year toward a BA degree, more if required. Additionally, Ubiquity offers a range of other opportunities such as MBAs, Mas, PhDs and Certificates.


Digital/Collaborative Design

Ubiquity’s learning systems involve a specially designed technology platform through which the students collaborate in pods as they engage in academic studies, self-mastery exercises, and real-life missions together. Each pod is comprised of eight students from around the world. This means that a student studying in their hometown can be part of a global learning community online. Everything is designed to nurture creative collaboration. We also provide Learning Journeys so students can travel together to places of interest all over the world.


Accreditation and Partners

  • ASIC UK accredited
  • Associations of Business Executives
  • TOPICA Asia
  • Academies Australasia
  • London Business School Sri Lanka


Please contact us:

Director of Academic Partnerships, Dr Gyorgyi Szabo: gyorgyiszabo@ubiquityuniversity.org

Dean of Students, Constantina Clark: constantina.clark@ubiquityuniversity.org

Skype: ubiquityuniversity

Tel: +1.702.358.0551

Website: www.ubiquity.university

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