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London Postgraduate Credit Management College, UK



Enhancing Your Employability in Labour Market After Your Study With Us

How We Run Our Programme

  • 100% Work and Learn (Distance/Blended)
  • 100% London Class-based Covering Period of Six(6)Months to complete the programme

Admission Introduction

In spite of the presence of many higher institutions of learning around the world with a large number of graduate and diploma students churned out for both national and international labour markets, it is widely rated that almost 85% of graduates are disappointedly un-employable. Yet, the quest by employers of labour to recruit “best graduate brains” to take on critical job roles remains unmet.

Certainly, it goes without saying that “head-knowledge” alone is evidently inadequate to guarantee delivery of job roles, employment and career advancement.

From developed to newly developed economies, and down to developing nations’ emerging economies, it has been established that specialist/professional certifications greatly increase employability and career progression.

Corporate organizations in every country of the globe now seek to hire, retain and promote individuals that have been tenaciously re-baked with specific training, certifications, skills and experience.

To help families and individuals gain values for their investments in education or their chosen a career that fetches good job prospect, the London Postgraduate Credit Management College (LPCMC) UK is inviting enrolments from suitably qualified individuals for admission to programmes leading to the award of employability enhanced specialist professional and academic qualifications stated below:


Learning Programmes

  • Certified Postgraduate Credit Supervisor (CPCS) or internationally earned Bachelor’s Degree(BA) in Credit Management.
  • Certified Postgraduate Credit Manager (CPCM) or internationally earned Master’s Degree (MA) in Credit Management
  • Certified Postgraduate Credit Examiner (CPCE) or International Doctorate Degree in Credit Management.


  • Undergraduate Admission: (CPCS/BA)

This is open to all those (undergraduates) who after their high school certification are looking to proceed to programmes which when completed will tag them “graduates”; in order words, who are seeking to acquire degree or professional certifications in Credit management. The programme is novel and credible enough such that our graduate will not only be employable but well sought after by the labour market upon successful completion. A graduate who is looking to diversify career for easy of employment will be considered.

  • Postgraduate Admission: (CPCM/MA)

This is open to a qualified candidate who desires LPCMC’s CPCM bespoke specialist qualification in credit management or it’s equivalent academic Masters Degree (M.A) in Credit Management in order to be employable or a sought after job seeker by the labour market.

  • Postgraduate Admission: (CPCE/PHD)

Masters Degree holder or MBA with considerable work experience will be considered for LPCMC’s highest qualification such as Certified Postgraduate Credit Examiner (CPCE) or its equivalent academic qualification(PH.D) in Credit Management.

LPCMC’s Accreditation And Membership

  • ASIC UK Accredited
  • Institute of Credit Administration (ICA)…the prestigious body of credit management professionals
  • The Postgraduate School of Credit And Financial Management (PSCFM)

For admission enquiry, please contact us:

Tel: +44(0)2072 787733 | +44(0)2072783631

Email: londoncredit@lpcredit.co.uk

Admission Office Address: 38, Mount Pleasant, WCIX OAN, London, United Kingdom

Website: www.lpcredit.co.uk

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