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Atlantic International University is an Online Institution based in the US. We believe that each student is unique and unrepeatable.
We have students from more than 180 countries and each one of them has the opportunity to define his/her own path to get the knowledge he/she needs for his/her own development.

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The university offers Associates, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate level studies and in several majors. Our students actively participate and volunteer in their communities as part of their academic program and have allocated over 100,000 hours of service to diverse causes and initiatives. The degree programs follow internationally accepted standards followed by academic institutions around the world. Our Philosophy of Studies is based on Andragogy, Adult Education, in which the student is the most important person in the Learning process.



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Atlantic International University

Web: www.aiu.edu
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AIU.University
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/edu/atlantic-international-university-176000
Twitter: twitter.com/aiu_university


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