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Amity College is a private college and English language school based in South West London.  With courses ranging from Diploma level to Bachelors and Masters degree levels, we are committed to the delivery of quality education mainly by creating an enabling environment for our students.  We support their learning by delivering balanced academic programs within an inclusive and culturally diverse setting.


Our programs are designed to maximise our student’s potential

At Amity College we put our learners first. Our students come from all over the world, representing many different nationalities. We have organised the learning programs in the college so that each individual obtains their own support and plan for their future success. Our high standards of teaching, progressive approach to learning, and excellent team of professionals provide students with not only new skills, but also a fulfilling life building experience that unleashes a wealth of new possibilities in their lives.  Our international students experience a sense of belonging in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere supported by our multilingual staff.


Our Team

We have capable and experienced teachers.  Typically they follow standard course books and syllabi. However, in order to ensure that the learning experience at Amity College is both varied and exciting, they use a wide range of learning aids, audio-visual tools, as well as additional supplementary material in a vibrant classroom environment.


Our Campus

At Amity College we understand the need to provide high quality services and facilities to complement the teaching and learning process. The Amity College campus is set within an attractive and comfortable setting.


You can expect to find the following:

  • Quality courses
  • A friendly and safe learning environment
  • Library and learning facilities
  • Computer labs with access to a variety of hardware & software
  • Bright comfortable classrooms
  • Self access study areas
  • Quiet study rooms
  • Language Learning Aids
  • Modern audio-visual equipment
  • Canteen and coffee bar
  • Internet access
  • Accommodation finding service
  • Welfare and support services

(Please note: These facilities may vary).


English Language Courses

Amity College is the English language school of choice for many international students that want to study English in London. Taught by native and bi-lingual speakers in a cosmopolitan environment, the quality of the tuition is amongst the best on offer.


Contact Amity College

T:  +44 (0) 20 8947 1338
F: +44 (0) 20 8971 0044
E: info@amitycollege.co.uk
W: amitycollege.co.uk | amityenglishschool.com

A: 45 Wimbledon Hill Road. London SW19 7NA United Kingdom

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