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QISAN Banners

Please use these banners below on your website, making sure to link back to the QISAN website.


468 x 60 Banner

<a href=”http://qisan.com/”><img src=”http://qisan.com/banner/qisan-468×60.jpg” alt=”qisan.com” /></a>




392 x 72 Banner

<a href=”http://qisan.com/”><img src=”http://qisan.com/banner/qisan-392×72.jpg” alt=”qisan.com” /></a>




125 x 125 Square

<a href=”http://qisan.com/”><img src=”http://qisan.com/banner/qisan-125×125.jpg” alt=”qisan.com” /></a>





120 x 60 Animated Banner

<a href=”http://qisan.com/”><img src=”http://qisan.com/banner/qisan-120x60anim.gif” alt=”qisan.com” /></a>




Leeds Beckett University


Bradford College

QISAN - The Quality International Study Abroad Network

European University of Lefke

University College Birmingham

TPM College


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